East Calhoun

The Intersection of Recreation and Home.

Here is a list of the ECCO committees and projects. Click the title of each to learn more.


We continue to make improvements to our website and to explore social networking as a way to reach more East Calhoun residents. 

Green Team

Tackling our neighborhood carbon emissions through projects related to waste reduction, energy conservation, storm water management, gardens and trees.


Livability Committee

This committee addresses zoning, traffic, safety and public event matters relevant to the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Name Review Committee

This committee was formed to find out how neighbors feel about the current name of the neighborhood and if there is a desire for change.

Renter Committee

The ECCO Renters' Committee is focused on reaching out to renters in the ECCO neighborhood, building connections, and fostering conversations between the neighborhood organization and the renter community.


Our mission is to enhance relationships between neighbors through a variety of events. Designed to give the community a means to come together as a group to solidify the benefits of living in East Calhoun.  More involvement means a healthier community.




Spring 2015:  the ECCO Board supported the planting of 50 organic cherry trees throughout the neighborhood. Neighbors contributed a $10 copay for each tree. ECCO offered an educational program on how to manage cherry trees without pesticides, and provided advice on planting. As our trees grow, we hope to start an annual, fall Cherry Festival.

East Calhoun Rain Garden Project

Summer 2013: East Calhoun partnered with local non-profit Metro Blooms on a project to plant 15 raingardens on private properties throughout the neighborhood.