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Increase in Airplane Traffic over Uptown


 Dear Neighbors,

You may not be aware that the Federal Aviation Administration is proposing implementation of a new navigation system to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport called Performance Based Navigation/Required Navigation (PBN/RNAV).  It will radically increase air traffic over Lake Calhoun and our East Calhoun businesses and homes as well as those of many of our neighbors.  The proposed shift in flight patterns will condense 30 flight paths into 7 air superhighways, most of which will run directly over the heart of Southwest Minneapolis. Plane arrivals and departures over East Calhoun could go from 20-30 flights per day to 135 flights per day. (See graphic below.)

We urge you to become informed of these proposed changes and how they will impact the livability of your neighborhood, lakes and parks. Below are links with additional information and ways to let your opinion be heard.  Please read and respond quickly.

Log on to the FairSkies coalition and watch the short video to learn of the potentially severe effects of this proposed change. www.mspfairskies.com

Please write or call your federal and state legislators, your City Council Member and your Metropolitan Airport Commission Representative.   We’ve included a sample letter from which you can write your letter. The list of our representatives can be found in this Uptown News and on the ECCO website, www.eastcalhoun.org.



Sign the petition at www.mspfairskies.com/make-your-voice-heard/.


Additional information can also be found on the South Metro Airport Action Council website: www.quiettheskies.org.



Thank you!

East Calhoun Community Organization Board