East Calhoun

The Intersection of Recreation and Home.

Volunteer options abound!

Support your neighborhood organization by volunteering to serve on the ECCO Board or one of its committees. Or volunteers to work on a project or help at one of our events. We can accommodate your interests and time commitments. 

Contact Monica Smith at nrp@eastcalhoun.org or 612-821-0131 for more information. 

New Board Members Needed

Elections for ECCO board members will be held at the ECCO Annual Meeting on October 4, 2018.

Six of 13 positions on the ECCO Board (plus two alternates) are open for election. A term is two years long. Nominations are made and voted on at the Annual Meeting. Submit your own name for nomination either in advance of (nomination form available here) or at the Annual Meeting. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and a resident of East Calhoun.

Responsibilities include attendance at monthly board meetings (first Thursday at 7 pm) and participation in at least one committee. Time commitments for each vary. Your neighborhood board plays an important role in sustaining a healthy, vibrant community. Interested? Please contact Monica Smith at nrp@eastcalhoun.org or 612-821-0131.