East Calhoun

The Intersection of Recreation and Home.

Livability Minutes for June 5th

he Livability Committee exists to ensure and enhance a consistent and strong quality of life for residents of ECCO. Some of the elements of life in ECCO about which we engage include:

  • We receive proposals for residential and commercial development in ECCO. These include variance and zoning change requests as well as proposals for new construction and operation. Residents, developers and business owners notify us to request our engagement in their proposals. The committee listens, reviews, reaches out and listens to neighbors potentially affected, and offers recommendation to the ECCO Board. ECCO Board ultimately offers recommendations to the City and to those requesting development.
  • We closely attend to issues involving traffic and pedestrian safety, noise and crime. 
  • We are directly engaged in issues that involve the intersection of dining/drinking/entertainment in Uptown with residential life in ECCO. For instance, a business in Uptown will come to us asking to extend hours of operation on weekend nights. The Livability Committee listens, reviews, surveys opinions of neighbors impacted by the proposed change, and makes recommendation to the ECCO Board. The Board offers final consideration and recommends a decision to the City.

Most often, decisions or recommendations of the Livability Committee are sent to the ECCO Board for final consideration and decision. 

The Livability Committee meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave. S., at 7:00PM. The public is always welcome.

Next Meeting Tuesday, March 26th

Do you have concerns about night-time nuisance noise in east Calhoun?

Share your thoughts, concerns and suggestions at the next meeting of the Livability Committee.

Tuesday, March 26

7:00 PM

St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church

3450 Irving Ave. S.